North South University (NSU), the first private university in Bangladesh, was established in 1992 by a group of eminent industrialists, prominent patrons of education, notable philanthropists, widely experienced academics and senior civil servants of the country. In the early 1990s, they had a dream to set up a world-class university as a center of excellence in higher education in the private sector. Their dedication, tireless efforts, and hard work paved the way of the establishment of NSU. Today, it hosts over 22,000 students enrolled in its undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma programs. An NSU degree is a brand in itself and its alumni are NSU’s pride.
The vision of North South University is to become and remain a center of excellence in higher education. It will gain recognition, nationally and globally and will attract students, faculty, and staff from all parts of the world. The mission of North South University is to produce competent graduates in their selected disciplines who will have productive careers or choose to engage in advanced studies. The university aims at (1) offering socially relevant academic programs consisting of a substantial general education component in all undergraduate programs; (2) recruiting and retaining good students, well-trained faculty with graduate degrees from overseas and qualified staff; (3) promoting effective teaching, quality research, and service; (4) providing appropriate physical facilities including classroom, labs and library with state of the art educational technology; (5) supporting co-curricular and extra-curricular activities; (6) practicing good governance and administration that encourage academic freedom and faculty-staff participation and (7) purposeful engagement of our alumni and community leaders.
In general, NSU is modeled on US universities and follows their academic features such as semester systems, credit hours, letter grades, etc. NSU’s facilities, including its science, engineering, computer and GIS labs are highly sophisticated and maintain international standards. Its library is fully digitalized and encompasses of one of the largest collections of books, publications and magazines within Bangladesh. There are over 20 student activity clubs, which push students to not only gain bookish knowledge, but a real-life experience too. It has affiliations with some of the biggest employers of the country and several foreign universities, which helps NSU’s students to reach their true potential in terms of their careers and academics.

North South University’s Environmental Science and Management (ESM) department, which will host the International Conference on Sustainability of Natural and Built Environment 2019, started off its journey in the year 1994. This department is a pioneer in environmental education all across Bangladesh not only because of its new thoughts and ideas, state-of-the art GIS and Science Labs, dynamic curriculum and highly qualified faculty base, but because it is the first department across Bangladesh to introduce an environmental education degree, initially at the undergraduate level and later, at the postgraduate level.
As of now, ESM offers a BS in Environmental Science and Environmental Management degree and an MS in Environmental Science and Management degree at the undergrad and postgrad levels, respectively. It has two Science labs and one GIS lab using which world-class research is conducted, as well as practical classes. There are thirteen full-time faculty members, who have several research projects and publications under their belts, apart from years of experience and higher degrees from world-renowned universities. Their works are used in policy and planning levels within Bangladesh and beyond.