Travelling to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of hills and rivers, with India and Myanmar as its neighbours and the mighty Bay of Bengal to its South. Bangladesh is rich in natural and green landscape among which the largest mangrove forest of the world, Sundarbans; the longest seashore at Cox's Bazar and the Chittagong Hill Tracts towards its south-east are few to mention. A nation fast developing with 162million population and a land area of 144,000 km2.
Dhaka, the city of the iCSBNE2019 conference, is the capital city of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi government's Home and Land Security authorities provide special attention to foreign nationals travelling to Dhaka all around the year. Most of the consulates and embassies are also situated in Dhaka.

Airport of arrival:

The Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is the only international airport in Dhaka. It is highly recommended to arrange transport through your hotel for a secured journey to the hotel from airport. However, Uber or an authentic airport taxi services available within the airport arrival lobby is the second-best choice. Keep the name. contacts and address of your hotel with you always along with your passport and letter of invite. It is very important not to leave your belongings unattended when travelling in Dhaka.


Tourist maps of Dhaka and day-tour information will be available at your hotel. The following link will also help you with maps and booking tours

Visa requirement to enter Bangladesh:

Citizens of most countries require valid visa to enter Bangladesh. The Bangladesh High Commission in their respective country or if there is no commission in the country, the nearest regional commission will determine and provide necessary counsellor service including issue of entry visa to Bangladesh.
The list of the Bangladesh mission aboard can be found in
The links below gives detailed information to apply for a Bangladeshi visa in respective countries:
Australia and New Zealand:
India (Delhi):

Type of Visa:

The types and categories differ according to the purpose of visit, length of stay and bilateral arrangement with the country of the foreign national. Most appropriate visa type for attending the conference is tourism visa. However, the counsellor office will advise the correct type required (it may be conference visa).

Visa on arrival/landing permit:

Visa on arrival/landing permit is issued for the citizens of those countries, where Bangladesh does not have resident diplomatic missions and they are also travelling from those countries. It is also issued for the citizens of a country, where Bangladesh has resident diplomatic mission, but they are travelling from such a country where Bangladesh does not have a resident diplomatic mission. For example, the nationals of New Zealand, who are travelling from New Zealand, are eligible to get visa on arrival/landing permit subject to the satisfaction of the immigration authority at the port of entry into Bangladesh. However, the citizens of New Zealand, who are travelling from Australia or any other country where Bangladesh has a resident diplomatic mission, are not eligible to get visa on arrival/landing permit.
Since the issuance of visa on arrival/landing permit is entirely dependent on the satisfaction of the immigration officials at the port of entry after examining all relevant documents, Bangladesh High Commission strongly recommends the foreign nationals to obtain visa before their departure for Bangladesh to avoid any kind of inconvenience at the port of entry.

Travel alert:

Foreign citizens travelling to Bangladesh should ensure that they register their visit with their respective country foreign ministry and check the travel alert system regularly before departing from their place of origin. There might be security alerts imposed at any time of which the conference organisers may not be aware of and thus, cannot be held responsible.

Common travel information:

Travel Insurance:

It is highly recommended that the participants take appropriate travel insurance when travelling to Bangladesh including medical, flights, accommodation, loss of belongings and to cover any incidental events requiring financial supports.

Communication and Money Exchange:

Foreign participants are encouraged to bring their own roaming cell phone for continuous connection with their family and connections while on move. While within the Dhaka airport, traveller may choose to purchase local cell network services for their stay. 3G and 4G connections are available. You can exchange your money at the airport too.

Climate and weather:

During the conference period in January, the weather is mild weather is expected to be on the cooler side in Dhaka. Bringing cardigans and shawls, along with scarves and blazers are highly recommended.

Local transport in Dhaka:

It is highly advised for the foreign nationals, travelling first time in Dhaka, do not travel alone. Caution to be taken traveling after hours. Also, it is highly recommended to avoid travelling outside Dhaka without a reliable and authentic tour group. Uber and Pathao are widely used and considered the safe for travelling inside Dhaka. For short trips within local area, a rickshaw would be pleasant if you are familiar with the way around and some basic Bangla communication. Most locals understand English but cannot speak it.


For any health service including visiting doctor or a hospital on emergency, please ask the hotel counter to provide nearest medical services available. Please note that Bangladesh is a secular country with a majority of Muslim residents. So, drinking in public is frowned upon. Also, women and men alike are expected to dress modestly.

Food, Shopping and Attractions:

During the conference times, food will be available within the designated venues. However, outside of those periods it is advisable to eat food at hotels or good restaurants. The smartphone apps Pathao and Food panda can help you order food in. The food in Bangladesh tastes spicy for most non-South-east Asians. The famous local food includes bhaat (rice) with daal (lentils), bhortas and local fish fries like Hilsha, Rui and Katla.
The best place to shop for food and daily items are the departmental stores like Agora and Shwapno. For bigger shopping sprees or movie theatres-cum-entertainment centres, shopping malls like Jamuna Future Park and Bashundhara City are advisable.
Within Dhaka, some sites to visit include Ahsan Manjil, Lag Baagh Kella, Parliament house, Dhaka University area and TSC, Botanical Garden and close to Dhaka, Sonargaon, Ashulia, Mawa Ghat, Arial Beel, etc. It is best to travel long distances on Friday as that is the weekend in Bangladesh.
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